I got the acting bug after my very first gig playing Ngana in South Pacific at the local high school when I was eight years old.   

I would scour the local newspaper for theater auditions and beg my mother to take me. One of my most vivid memories was watching the 20/20 special on the revival of Annie and bawling hysterically because I wanted SO badly to be in New York apart of the action.  Even after the Annie got replaced in the show by her understudy.  That was beside the point- if I had the chance, I was certain that would not happen to me!

I spent my teenage years doing every show that I could get cast in.  I would go straight from a high school show to community and regional productions.  The day I got my drivers license was the best day of my mother's life. After graduating college with a Musical Theatre degree I had the opportunity to work at Walt Disney World in the entertainment department. Soon after I decided to take the plunge and make a move to Los Angeles.

I had a bit of beginners luck when I first arrived, within a month I had booked a commercial and the casting director had set me up with my first agency who had decided to sign me across the board (commercial, print, theatrical). I have been here for a couple of years since that first commercial, slowly but surely building up my credits with co-stars, guest stars, films, and acting classes.  It's been quite the journey so far but I would not change my life path for anything.  When I am not acting, I enjoy hoarding groupons for every fitness class in Los Angeles, window-shopping, cuddling my dog, Toby, and watching him squirm away, wine, and watching all of the actors on television and movies that I hope to someday be lucky enough to work alongside.