Day 6: 30 Day ClassPass Blog

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Sometimes your dog looks up at your with those eyes and they just beg you to take them on a hike. I typically take my dog, Toby, hiking at least twice a week and then to the local dog park twice a week. He is spoiled rotten.  

He has been getting a little neglected this past week with all of the ClassPass action. He doesn't love ClassPass like me.

While I did do 5 classes this week, I decided my pup needed a little TLC and I also wanted to give my elbow one more day of recovery before I hit one of the hardest Pilates spots tomorrow, Pilates Plus Studio City. Lisa is killer, yo!


Toby isn't quite sure about the steep incline

Toby isn't quite sure about the steep incline

One of my favorite spots to go hiking is Fryman Canyon, located at the bottom of Laurel Canyon on the Studio City side. While parking can be tricky at the peak hours, there is a small parking lot that you can sometimes snag a space in, or street parking- just carefully read signs. You walk through a ritzy neighborhood at the end (or beginning depending on how you start) and they really don't want any old hiker joe just clogging up their streets with cars.  

This hike is an easy to medium difficulty. My dog likes it because there aren't too many steep steps like there are at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. He has short legs so I end up having to pick him up there once in a while. A lot of the Fryman Hike is paved, however, a few months ago I found a "secret" way which is mostly all dirt, and then opens to fields and a spectacular view. Most people do not know about this way, I usually only pass one, maybe two other people this way. It's very peaceful, and easy on the joints too. 


Empty and Free! That's Tyler, my man. Also, this used to be green. Los Angeles drought!

Empty and Free! That's Tyler, my man. Also, this used to be green. Los Angeles drought!

To find this special way, when you enter (parking lot) way, just look to your left and almost immediately you will see a clearing that leads to a dirt path. This is the steepest incline of the whole hike, it's quite tough and a little slipery but it will really get the heart rate pumping. Then you will come again to the main path. Walk a little longer on this and then look to your left once again and you will find another dirt path. This will take you the detour that I am mostly speaking about.  You won't regret it! 

Eventually you will meet up on the main path, this is where there are some benches and water fountains for humans and dogs. Then we head down the mountain and the rest of the hike is pretty easy peasy. Once you hit the neighborhood- the first house to the right is George Clooneys! Also, I should note- I have seen more "celebs" on this hike than at Runyon Canyon. If you're into that kind of thing.  


me and my little goober face

me and my little goober face

Again, I will reiterate, this is not the toughest of all hikes but it's extremely enjoyable without all of the weirdos and showoffs that seem to take over Runyon Canyon. I think the views are spectacular here as well. If you enjoy a more solitary spot then check out Fryman. I have included a snap of the Fitbit so you can see about the distance and level of difficulty of the hike.  



I hadn't ever FitBitted this hike before, and was a little surprised that it was only 2.2 miles. I parked in the parking lot today and sometimes you have to treck a little bit so that is one of the reasons why.  Oh, also, be careful of rattlesnakes! I did not thankfully see one today, but I have seen them before. Just be safe and get the hell out of their way. 

I have a happy pup and it felt great to get outside. Bummed that I did not also make it to a ClassPass today as well but sometimes you just need a little fresh air.