Day 25: 30 Day ClassPass Challenge

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Pure Barre: Sherman Oaks 

13559 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91423


Doesn't look like a lot. But it's more than enough to make you burn. 

Doesn't look like a lot. But it's more than enough to make you burn. 

Regardless of the 30 Day Challenge, I have to have a Barre class in my life at least once a week. Besides Reformer Pilates, it is by far my favorite way to tone. I have learned to like a lot of different workouts over the past couple of weeks but it also just reinforced that I totally love Barre. Call me a Barre Addict if you must.

The one thing I do not love is that little red stretchy band sitting beneath the red ball. The ball can stay. The ball I do not mind so much. Just don't ask me to throw it in an athletic way. 

Those cords shouldn't even really be called stretchy. They have hardly any give what so ever. In my humble opinion, they are what make Pure Barre difficult. The moves you will do in this class are quite similar to all barre studios, but those bands. DAMN do they add another layer.  


Smiling because the band kept popping off my foot not because it's fun. 

Smiling because the band kept popping off my foot not because it's fun. 

Of course we used the bands a lot today. Boy, does it burn by the time you get to the second side. It tingles. OMG my leg might fall off.

 My leg was aching so much that towards the end of the set on the second leg I threw that bungee cord off in an angry, super dramatic way. Seriously, I had to finish the moves without the cord. I couldn't take anymore. My leg was on FIRE. Just call me a quitter I guess. I'm a quitter Mom. 

I have already tackled a bunch of barre classes, and so unfortunitely for Pure Barre I am giving you the super quick run down of class. You start with the Barre march. You move to the floor for push ups, tricep dips, planks, and sit ups. Then you move to the two pounders (or three if you're a beast or something) for arms. Stretch time. Move to the bar for thighs. Place ball between legs. Squat. Up and inch, down an inch. Stretch. Move onto buns of steel. Lots of stretchy cord involved. Do some butt work at the barre then move to the floor which I demonstrate in photo. Abs (they do the weird abs aganist the back of the barre here. don't love this). Abs on mat in center. Back work. Finish off with buns yet again. Whew. Done, over and out. Give me a freshly squeezed $12 juice STAT, I deserve it.  


We don't actually face each other in class like this. That would be weird.  

We don't actually face each other in class like this. That would be weird.  

That's my friend Emily, you may remember her from our horrific hot cycle experience.  

Everyone is very friendly at this Studio. There were two people after class who actually WANTED to take my photos. I usually have to painfully ask someone who looks at me like a weirdo who is super into Instagram. The owner, Jamie, is almost always around if she is not teaching, and she is usually in class. She was there today, making us all look bad, of course! The instructor's name is Anna and she's tough. I have taken her class a few times before. She doesn't demonstrate all the moves like some instructors will do, but there is always someone in class you can peep around and stare at if you don't know what's going on (I do it often-sorry peeps!) I like Anna's classes though because I know she isn't going to go easy on us. I'm a glutton for punishment.

I cheated a little and have come to this studio multiple times before my ClassPass Challenge and I will continue to do so. It's my neighborhood barre studio and it feels that way. I like places that feel like home. Maybe I will see you squatting there sometime soon? 


Day 18: 30 Day ClassPass Challenge

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Circuit Pilates

6223 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Where am I?

Where am I?

I pulled up to Circuit Pilates VERY confused. I could have sworn I had driven by it before? I parked in the small lot and was close to driving away. There was no sign on the building. Only a Real Ryder decal in a window. It kind of looks like a Motorcycle shop, no? A thousand thoughts go through my mind like "ughh there was a lot of traffic getting here and now I'm lost" and "I am going to have to contact ClassPass because Circuit Pilates went out of business!" 

I got out and trepidatiously opened the door to real ryder. There is a cycle class going on. Oh, but then I see a familiar face. Patrick Leslie- one of my favorite instructors at WundaBar Pilates  (oh how I long for the day WundaBar gets put on Classpass). He is the instructor today, and to be honest, the reason I signed up for Circuit Pilates in the first place. Thank God I saw him. I was starting to worry. Real Ryder is Circuit Pilates. Please Circuit Pilates, get a sign. 


I walked in on the Cycle class still going

I walked in on the Cycle class still going

Circuit Pilates it a big room that is split into half cycle and half reformer. There are 11 reformers and I am gonna take a wild guess and say there are also 11 bikes.  


Reformer Side

Reformer Side

On Saturdays and Sundays I believe they offer a half cycle/half pilates hybrid class. I most likely won't ever be participating in that because cycle is something that I avoid at all costs. Especially after my hot cycle experience. But if this interests you- come here!

Patrick Leslie is by far one of my favorite pilates instructors. I thought that he only taught at WundaBar so when I saw his name on the Circuit Pilates class I signed up a few days in advance because I wanted to snag a spot. He isn't on the schedule too much at Circuit- or if he is- than his classes must fill up quickly because this is the first time I had seen his name on there. He is encouraging and talks your way through the whole class- but not in an annoying, like please shut up and let me concentrate on how badly my core hurts way. He's funny but also knows his shit. I will follow him anywhere.  

All reformers are different. This is like a cross between a megaformer that you would find at Pilates Plus or WundaBar and the basic method found at more Classical Pilates spots. It worked for me.  

Another reason I like Partick- I always feel like a get a full body work out with him. While some instructors are heavy on core or legs- we got a little bit of everything in today.  


one of my fav moves

one of my fav moves

I love this fancy move I am doing above. It gets the core REAL good. Your arms start shaking. Your legs get a good stretch too. To me, this move stands for everything I love about pilates. It is working everything at the same time. You put on springs to match how strong you are. Any level can do it and you can tailor it to your individual body. See in the background? There is an older lady getting her pilates on in the same class as me. Point proven- any level can be in the same class together. I hope I am that ambitious at that age!

If you are looking for somewhere super fancy to work out, then try another studio- because this spot is definitely no frills. The floor is concrete and, well, you saw the outside of the building. There are no showers, no fancy soaps, and no locker rooms. There aren't even any cubbies- you have to set your purse on the floor. It kind of looks like there are trash bags stapled to the ceiling. It could use a slight make-over- or a woman's touch. One or the other.

If you don't care about the asthetics of your work-out, but want an excellent pilates class- then this place is for you. It wasn't the prettiest place I ever saw. But I'll be back. LYLAS PATRICK.  


Day 16: 30 Day ClassPass Challenge

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Womack and Bowman- The Loft- 5355 Cartwright Ave #104, LA, CA 91601


Trapeze bars! 

Trapeze bars! 

I had zero clues about what the class I signed up for today was going to be all about. The class, entitled, Silkstreme (FKA FLYBODY), was described as "merging the beauty of Aerial Arts, the core power of Pilates, and the body sculpting of Ballet Barre. Unqiuely, the Silkstreme experience focuses on a holistic approach to fitness as a revolutionary workout for the body and spirit." - huh? I don't typically like "spirit" workouts so I was a little apprensive. 

I was imagining this was going to be mostly an Aerial workout when I first signed up. It had elements of that for sure. But it also had a lot of pilates, streching, and yoga. It had a very small ballet element, but I am talking maybe 5 minutes worth. I am going to try to describe this workout to you but it was by far, the most unique work out experience I have ever had. It was kind of bizarre. But in a good way.  Much like the name of the class itself, it's hard to pinpoint. 

The space is truly beautiful. High ceilings, rustic, brick-covered walls. I loved it. I have been to this space before, it's also where Forever Young Pilates is held (but in a different loft). Parking is a little tricky. There is a small covered lot, but only a couple spaces. The street is a highly residential apartment street, so I would give yourself some extra time when traveling to either one of these studios.  

The instructors name was Kerry and I liked her energy a lot. We had a little trouble with the lighting situation- a.k.a she didn't know how to turn on the lights- but I get it. Electricity can be complicated. The class sizes are small- max of 6. We were supposed to have 4 today. Only 3 of us showed up. We started a few minutes late because we were waiting on another student to arrive. I don't really like starting late because someone else is late. Let the late person figure it out and jump in. The three of us arrived on time so let's start on time. Also- did I mention I am a STICKLER for time? Lateness is probably my biggest pet peeve of anything on this planet so sorry if I sound a little on edge. 

Kerry was a patient instructor, describing and demonstrating every move. She is an Aerialist, so clearly, she is pretty well versed. She understood that this was a first time for all of us though and never got flustered.  We started with an incredible stretching warm up with the straps. It felt so good I wanted to take a nap. After about 7 minutes of that, we began the "work-out". 




I loved the "flying plank". We kept our feet suspended in the air, and our arms on blocks so everything was unstable, and thus, even more difficult than a normal plank is. We kept our feet suspended in these little straps for a while, doing sit ups. General moves you would do while in a pilates class, but a part of your body was suspended. It added an extra challenge. 

We then began the ballet porition of class. We did a coupe with our foot in one strap while our other foot stayed on solid ground. The strap on the moving leg gave it more resistance. My stable leg was definitely shaking by the end of the series. I have taken a couple years of ballet so I knew the terms she was calling out, but she was also doing all of the movements, so it was easy to follow along.  


Doesn't it look like something out of 50 Shades of Grey? 

Doesn't it look like something out of 50 Shades of Grey? 

After the ballet barre (more like rope) section we began the aerial section. This was your hanging upside down porition. We did splits in the air! I am a gymnast!  Weeeeee!


Nothing like a little blood rush to the head at 8:30 on a Saturday  

Nothing like a little blood rush to the head at 8:30 on a Saturday  

We did this one section where the spun upside down. That didn't work out too swell for me. See, I get really motion sick. Still can't ride in the backseat of car for 5 minutes motion sick. I tried spinning once and yep- turns out, I am still allergic to motion. While the other two members of class twirled their hearts out, I did everything stationary. Still I love a good blood rush to the face. 

I have completed one aerial yoga class before. I found it to be kind of a bore to be honest. This was a blend of an aerial class while still getting the benefits of stretch and inversion. I wish I could remember everything we did today! I would need to take class again to even begin to describe it to you. The studio has 6-7 instructors and I would be so curious to see if all of the classes follow the same foremat or if different instructors mix and max up the class a bit. 

Kerry described the class as a blend of cardio barre and pilates. I'm not sure that's how I would describe it. There isn't a ton of cardio. It's more like pilates and bar method (to me). Kerry said that this studio has a lot of upper level aerialists taking class at the studio. Eventually, the owners decided to do a more aerobic class and open it up to the general public. This class blends aerial with a workout that pretty much anyone can do. I would say this is a beginner to intermediate level class. I will for sure take at the studio again. It would be neat to see them have a beginner level and an advanced level like cardio barre does. The advanced class might have less breaks. Not that I am AT an advanced level yet but the option for when I get better might be neat.  

Again, I wish I could describe this class better to you. It is SO different, unique, and FUN. You have to try it if you are in the North Hollywood area. They have tons of class times, so it's easy to catch a class.  

I'll be hanging right there with you! 


Day 11: 30 Day ClassPass Challenge

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Hot Pilates 

Address: 8604 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Instructor: Arielle McFadden

Class Type: YOGA-LATES



Pilates and Yoga in the SAME class you say? You had me at yoga-lates. LA is like the hybrid workout center of the world. They have half pilates/cycle, half cycle/yoga, half treadmill/tone. You can find a hybrid of anything somewhere but this is the first yoga-lates class I had seen, surprisingly.  Oh, it was also hot. Los Angeles also loveeees to make you sweat. As if it isn't typically hot as hell here in the first place.

However, today is was "cold" outside. It was 56 and raining which is basically as cold as Los Angeles is ever gonna get. It was the perfect day for a hot yoga class. I am not one of those people who can take hot yoga or hot anything all year round but some days just scream let's be extremely warm while I work out today.  

I was very brave, because I decided to go over the hill to Hollywood in the rain. If you don't have to be anywhere on rainy days in LA, it is best you stay wherever your part of town is, because people in LA treat rain as if it were a 2 foot snowstorm. Wrecks and idiots are everywhere. Luckily, me and my car arrived in one peice. I am not gonna lie, the fact that Hot Pilates had a parking lot had a lot to do with the fact I was willing to make the drive. Driving in the rain is one thing, but parking is a whole other beast. 

The asthetics of this studio impressed me. It was very modern, everything was white, and insanely clean. But not sterile. It was how I would choose to decorate a studio if I owned one. I absolutley loved the floor of the studio too. It was a grey dark wood. You one classy bitch, hot pilates.  


They sell Spirtual Gangsta clothes

They sell Spirtual Gangsta clothes

Very clean, smelled NOT like a hot sweaty place

Very clean, smelled NOT like a hot sweaty place

The studio was a little on the small side. We had 15 people in my class today and it ended up being a little tight. I wonder what their max class capacity is.  The bathrooms, while also super nice and stocked with yummy soaps and shampoos are also quite cramped. There is one toilet and two showers but actually getting ready after your shower would be very tricky because there isn't a lot of room in the sink area. It's immaculate though, with towels and ammenties provided. 

What I really loved about Hot Pilates is that they gave me two towels and also provided me with an expensive mat. I actually LOVE this because then I don't have more laundry to do (laundry is my very least favorite chore, so the less I have to do the better) and also my own mat doesn't get stinky.  

The instructors name was Arielle and she was subbing for someone today. She is on the regular rotation of instructors and teaches there a lot. I would say the class definitely leaned more on the side of yoga but there was some pilates thrown in at the end. And the ab routine was killer. It was a full song on non-stop abs. The class was a SLOW flow class. I really like fast vinaysa style classes so this proved to be extra challenging for me. We were holding poses for an excrusatingly long time. My hair was dripping sweat into my ears if you know what I mean. 

I wish Arielle would have done an adjustment or two on me. I like it when teachers fix what I am doing wrong. But I get it, we were really sweaty. I wouldn't want to touch me either.  

The class reminded me a lot of yoga at CorePower, but again, slower. I incorporated a lot of cardio into my rountine this week, so a yoga class was exactly what the the doctor ordered. I am definitely going to return to the studio to try their signature "hot pilates" class. I craved a little more pilates in my routine today so I look forward to a full pilates class in the heat.  

Mix and Match pattern Day! 

Mix and Match pattern Day! 

One more small gripe. Class ended 12 minutes late today. I would't always mind this. But today, I had a meeting to get to. I did not bring my phone into class with me, because I find that to be rude. There is no clock on the wall. So I am at the mercy of Arielle to let me know when class ends on time. If I had known that we were going over, I would have left early. I would have appreciated if Arielle had said "it is 11:45 now, if you have to leave, feel free but I am going to keep going for a few more minutes."

Compare this photo with the photo from after my hot cycle. My face is still pretty red, but damn did I enjoy this class so much more! Thanks to my friend Nicole who got sweaty with me today! 



Day 7: 30 Day ClassPass Challenge

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Pilates Plus Studio City located on Ventura Blvd

Pilates Plus Studio City located on Ventura Blvd

Pilates Plus Studio City is what I like to refer to as pilates on acid. This place is not your momma's pilates place. Or actually it is, it's filled with extremely hot moms. This is one of my favorite pilates places because I get the workout that I enjoy doing the most (the time speeds by for me) but it is also extremely challenging and I see results.  The website claims that you can burn up to 700 calories per class. The reformers are special for some reason. I wish I could tell you exactly what that reason is, but again they basically just make pilates harder than it normally is. They call them the MEGAFORMER. Here is a photo of what makes them mega.

The Studio, on the other side is a wall with TRX hanging from the ceiling

The Studio, on the other side is a wall with TRX hanging from the ceiling


I took from Pilates Plus Studio City last month on my ClassPass as well (the month that I barely went). However, you better believe that I used my 3 times a month for Pilates Plus. I actually used them all on the same instructor, Lisa Goldsman. Her class is really popular and always filled so I usually have to sign up at least a week in advance to snag a spot. My girlfriend was supposed to come to class today, but she couldn't get in. If you choose to go to PP make sure you sign up in advance, it's unlikely that classes are available the day of.  Also, shout out to the instructor Lacey. She is my fav, but her classes are never available on ClassPass because she is the shit so her classes are too full. Also, she always teaches at like 5 am. What's up with that? I can't work out when it's still dark outside. 

I always see Pilates Plus featured in magazines. It was also featured on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And according to their website the Kardashians work out at the Encino location. 

Now, on to the workout. We began our warm up with about a ten minute plank series. I wish I could remember all the terms that she yells out but mostly, I just copy the hot mom next to me. Basically the warm up is about a ten minute plank series. You're keeping your arms on the stationary part while your legs are on the carriage and you're doing all sorts of funky things with your legs. The snake is where you cross your legs on the cariage and then bring them up very slowly to the edge of the platforom. Slowly is the term you have to remember here. The slower you go, the tougher it is. 

After my abs and arms cannot possibly take anymore we move onto legs and butt. Pilates Plus seems to concentrate a lot on legs, which is fine by me because, although I hate legs, that is where I gain most of my weight. We do a Spider Lunge and side kick and then we put the bungie cord on each leg and straighten our leg for what seems like forever and ever. and ever. We then do some arms in between then do the other leg. 

I feel like my description of today's class is pretty lame but this class always keeps me on my toes and is super fast paced. Lisa is always timing us on her stopwatch to make sure we get the same equal time on both sides as well, so our muscles aren't lopsided. 


This is actually a super terrible photo because my left hip is lagging down and I should be lifting it up even with my right. Ugh! I guess this is why we shouldn't take photos while on the machines. But I wanted to show you how you stand on the platform and move your opposite leg back on the slide-y part. Mission somewhat accomplished.  

My one, tiny little gripe about Lisa. Sometimes I feel like she puts a tad too much weight on the machines. She always gives little tips about how you can slide your foot out on the reformer, or sit on your butt if the arms are too heavy, but sometimes, it's still too damn heavy and I feel a little ashamed for taking the weight down. But if it's too heavy, by all means, lower the weight on that machine! I just don't want to disapoint Lisa.  

In the end, I love love love Pilates Plus Studio City. Currently, it is the only studio on reformers pilates in the Studio City area that is "mega" and is truly butt-kicking. Also, word of wisdom, maybe not for first timers on pilates machines. This is a FAST paced environment. 

Day 3: ClassPass 30 Day Challenge

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The good news is: I have full use of my arms again. CrossFit killed. I couldn't sleep on my usual sleep side because my left shoulder was VERY angry at me. I also couldn't pick up my dog, Toby. He is a little on the obese side, but no doggie snuggles yesterday was sad. I sat down on the floor to eat dinner (because yes, I am super fancy and eat at a coffee table on the floor in front of the tv) I actually do own a kitchen table but have used it a total of two times. I digress- I had to have my boyfriend legit pull me up from the ground from my coffee table dinner.  

Again- Why, oh why, do these super-humans put themselves through crossfit? 

I wasn't planning on taking Wednesday off, but I couldn't sit down on the toilet, much less have a work out.

So today, I treated myself to something I know. Something I love. Reformers pilates. Back in my element! 

I signed up for Forever Young Pilates, in North Hollywood taught by Rachel Rankin.  I actually know Rachel from other classes around town.  It appears we enjoy the same work-outs.  Also, she's a babe.   

I signed up for a "semi-private" class.  Most reformers classes are small, 6-10 people, so that is what I was expecting from FYP.  I was shocked when it appeared as if there would only be one other student in class besides myself. There were only two reformers. "Sem-private" turned out to be more like my own private little lesson- just another chick was along for my ride.  I was super pysched because I would get a lot of individual attention but also kind of terrified because I could still hardly move from my previous workout. Please go easy on me Rachel. 

The semi-private class only has two reformers

The semi-private class only has two reformers

What I really liked about Rachel is that she understood that I was almost immobile and didn't put too much weigh on the machines. With other pilates places, I sometimes feel like they stack on too much weight. FYP is classical pilates. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but to me, it means that it isn't like Pilates Plus or WundaBar, which is like pilates on crack, the classes are super fast classes and include cardio, like jumping on a jump board. Classical pilates is a much slower burn. It was just what the doctor ordered.   

The woman who was working out beside me was talking about how she just took Soul Cycle yesterday and how it was TOO EASY.  Dear Lord.  For those of you who do not know, Soul Cycle is the super hot, celeb, sort of heated, cult like, spin workout right now.  Workout partner lady said that this pilates class was way harder. It's so funny, because I have a feeling I would think the opposite.  Not that I will ever know, because Soul Cycle is like one trillion dollars a class, and is not on ClassPass so I won't be experiencing it.  However, the day for a cycle class IS creeping up on me.  I will have to give in sooner than later.  Expect some major complaining, like crossfit style complaining. Sorry folks. Can anyone recomend a "fun" cycle class in Los Angeles to me?

I really like Rachel and we have fun chatting about all of the class options available on ClassPass.  She says she keeps canceling her own classes so she can take classes everywhere else and so it is dangerous to her. I wish I was that ambitious. She corrects my form whenever I pop my hip up, or do something funky with my leg. She knows what she's talking about. Also, I read on some pamphlet that she used to be a figure skater. That's my goal in life, to become a figure skater (I'll be a late bloomer) so I am hoping that someday she can teach me how to do a double axel in addition to fixing my knee placement on a reformer.

Tomorrow I am signed up for something really different!  It's a stationary surfboard set in the sand. I cannot surfboard in the water so let's hope I am better at it on the ground.  Hang ten. 

Leg circles on the reformer

Leg circles on the reformer

Day 2: 30 Day ClassPass Challenge

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I look happy to be there, but inside I am dying.

I look happy to be there, but inside I am dying.

I got extremely ambitious with my second day of the challenge and attempted Crossfit. Now, I have tried Crossfit many moons ago and it was an awful experience originally. I also believe that I barfed after that first class about three years ago. The first time, I did not get a lot of explanation about how to do the moves properly and I ended up not being able to work out for about two weeks after.  Obviously, I went to the wrong spot and most crossfit classes are NOT like this.   But, because of this experience I was extremely hesitant to try crossfit.  

Today I decided to try out Crossfit Horsepower Studio City,CA.  This is one of the biggest buildings I have seen for a crossfit place. I often see the poor souls running on the sidewalk and think to myself, thank God I am not doing that right now.  Don't these people know it's 100 degrees outside!  Lunatics. Today, I was going to be one of these crazy people.

I decided that my first class should be the cardio flex class which is described as having a "boot camp approach of group fitness classes with the functional feel of Crossfit. No heavy weights! But no sitting around! Your muscle tone, flexibility, heart and lungs will never forget it!"  There were a lot of exclamations in this description so I was already hesitant. But the no heavy weights thing appealed to me. You might not be able to tell from looking at me, but I'm not the strongest girl who ever lived.  

The instructors name was Jen. She was extremely pretty and also one of the most fit women I had ever laid eyes on. Also she had nice hair. When I walked in she was coaching the class before mine started which looked super intense. Lots of very fit dudes jumping on extremely tall boxes. Ugh, I hate jumping. I really hate jumping. Please don't let there be jumping in my class. Back to Jen, I talked to some cross fitters after class and they pointed out that she is a celebrity trainer on The Biggest Loser, it was Jen Widerstrom.  Neat! By the way, she was extremely open and approachable. She explained proper form to me and also explained how I could do a pull up. I hadn't done a pull up since the second grade.  Jen commanded a strong presence. I want to be her friend.

Obviously, I survived class. But there were some moments that I wanted to keel over and die.  We started out with a 800 meter run, it was only 80 degrees outside so basically it was like winter in LA.  Then we partnered up and tossed medicine balls back and forth really fast! I was extremely nervous about this part because catching a ball has never been my strong suit. Then we did sit ups and passed the balls.  Then we did leg lifts and passed the balls. I was really hoping that there was no more ball tossing after this because I got really lucky and caught it every time! Warm up complete!

Then we got to the good stuff. We began with a 500 meter row. Then we did a 10,9,8 section where each time we did it 10 times then once completed we started over and did it 9 times. You get the picture.  I have included a photo to show the reps. The hardest part was clearly the pull ups. Pull ups! I can't even do one. Luckily, they have these elastic bands you put your foot in and it helps you cheat a lot. But it was still like, the hardest thing I have ever done.

I would like to point out that all of the women in this class were BAD ASS. They were completing every rep so fast! Beating all the dudes. It was really impressive. I mean, I wasn't one of these women but yay, girl power for them!

I talked with some of the other attendees after class and they agreed that this was probably one of the most difficult cardio flex classes and that it was pretty much a regular crossfit class but only slightly less weight.  I am so relieved that other people thought it was hard.  I didn't feel like such a wiener. 

Again, I was dreading this class all morning. But afterwards, and now, I still feel really electric and alive! I was so inspired that I went to the grocery store and bought a chicken that I could eat for lunch! Protein, rarr! I also bought carrots.  I wonder how much weight I lost today after being so healthy?

I think I would take this class again, someday, but I hope Jen is the teacher again so I can work on solidifying our budding friendship.